Sunday, May 07, 2006

Wow! I've been tagged!!! Nobody ever did that before! I don't have photos of them but I see lots of itty bitty finches, some robins, and my grandma has chickens! My mom got a new phone what takes pictures but so far she has only taken pictures of me! When she figures how to upload them to our computer, I'll put them up. I'm a beautimous black-on-black tabby with a silver undercoat. Mom likes to show people by rubbing my fur the wrong way so I bite her whenever she does it. It doesn't stop her, though. Like I've said before, she never listens to anything I say!!

PS I am making the print bigger so us older kitties can read it. Mom makes the print on the screen bigger but that doesn't seem to make my blog writing bigger!

Well, now I believe I is gonna tag some other kitties about their out!!