Sunday, April 30, 2006

Yes, it is true. I do know everything. I know that us kitties are smarter than them humans. How do I know this? I know that they have to go places and do stuff they don't like (my mom says that she works with idiots all the time...whatever that means). My mom always looks happier when she comes in the door in the evening than when she is going out the door in the morning. Of course, I have no interest in going out there. I just watch from the hole in the blinds (not sure how it got there ;o)) and feel really happy that I don't have to go out there!

My favoritest part is after my dinner when mom sits in the recliner. I sit behind her on the back of the recliner and she scratches my neck and talks to me. I talk to her too but I don't think she understands a word I say. Like that singing show she watches -- I ask her to turn the channel but she never does. We watch "House" after that. Mom says that she has learned from him that using a cane can be very useful; that she can be handicapped and have cattitude.

Cattitude is good!