Sunday, January 22, 2006

We had a great weekend! Mom went to the library and got some books while I kept watch on the home front. When she got home, I got to have stinky goodness (my favorite -- grilled chicken!) for dinner and more crunchies for later. I supervised her this morning so she got to church on time. We worked on an art project this afternoon and watched the extended version of "The Fellowship of the Ring." It was kind of cold (for here, anyway) so mom is splurging by turning up the heat a little. Purrrrrrrrrr.

Mom is watching the second X-Men movie now. Most of the movies she picks are pretty good. This one isn't too bad, though. Such a relief to know there is still good SF on TV sometimes for moms and kitties to watch together! If only the Sci-Fi Channel would show some of the good SF movies...instead of the tripe they usually show! ;o) Hope all of my kittypals are warm and toasty!!

Monday, January 09, 2006

I don't know if my mom ate a bug like William's mom did, but SOMETHING is certainly not agreeing with her! It has been nice to have her around, though, even though it has really been cutting into my web surfing time. She went back to work today so the computer is mine! Bwahahaha!!! We watched "Return of the King" again on Saturday and played Star Trek trivia online with mom's friends and that was pretty fun. We got lots of good naps in too.