Saturday, October 07, 2006

This is Digby, tolerating getting his picture taken.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Digby really did know everything. He knew it was time to cross the Rainbow Bridge so he did so this morning. I will miss him terribly. I will miss being howled at every evening when I walked in the door after work. I will miss him waking me up for pets in the middle of the night. I will miss how he used to bunny-kick his 'nip mousies. I will even miss fixing his favorite stinky goodness twice a day. I will miss him forever...until we meet on the other side of the Bridge.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Ooooooo, I been tagged!! This time I will answer...bwahahahaha.

Five Weird Things or Habits about me:

1. I get all embarrassed when my mom watches me play with my 'nip toys.

2. I like to hang out on the back of Mom's recliner and pat her head until she pets me.

3. I don't like it when Mom reads (thus ignoring me) so I talk to her real loud about every 10 minutes when she does that. Wouldn't want her to forget that I'm asleep on the pillow next to her!

4. I like to chase flies when they gets into my apartment.

5. I howl like a fiend when Mom gets home from "work" until she feeds me.

and a bonus:

6. My mom calls me "Tiny Boy" just like William's mom calls him!

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Wow! I've been tagged!!! Nobody ever did that before! I don't have photos of them but I see lots of itty bitty finches, some robins, and my grandma has chickens! My mom got a new phone what takes pictures but so far she has only taken pictures of me! When she figures how to upload them to our computer, I'll put them up. I'm a beautimous black-on-black tabby with a silver undercoat. Mom likes to show people by rubbing my fur the wrong way so I bite her whenever she does it. It doesn't stop her, though. Like I've said before, she never listens to anything I say!!

PS I am making the print bigger so us older kitties can read it. Mom makes the print on the screen bigger but that doesn't seem to make my blog writing bigger!

Well, now I believe I is gonna tag some other kitties about their out!!

Sunday, April 30, 2006

Yes, it is true. I do know everything. I know that us kitties are smarter than them humans. How do I know this? I know that they have to go places and do stuff they don't like (my mom says that she works with idiots all the time...whatever that means). My mom always looks happier when she comes in the door in the evening than when she is going out the door in the morning. Of course, I have no interest in going out there. I just watch from the hole in the blinds (not sure how it got there ;o)) and feel really happy that I don't have to go out there!

My favoritest part is after my dinner when mom sits in the recliner. I sit behind her on the back of the recliner and she scratches my neck and talks to me. I talk to her too but I don't think she understands a word I say. Like that singing show she watches -- I ask her to turn the channel but she never does. We watch "House" after that. Mom says that she has learned from him that using a cane can be very useful; that she can be handicapped and have cattitude.

Cattitude is good!

Sunday, March 19, 2006

This, we all know: cats rule, dogs drool. Just had to say that! Glad all those stupid people-on-sticks is over with. Now my mom is watching people sing dumb songs on TV. She doesn't call them after the show to vote, thank goodness! I'd never live that down. People can be so odd. Us kitties would never stoop to singing on TV!!

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Long time no write! Long time nothing to say!! Watching the Olympics. Booooooring. No cats so who cares?! Besides, us (we?) cats would not be crazy enough to put sticks on our feets and let some human push us down a snowy mountain!! And I am certainly not going to volunteer for any of the ice stuff unless they let me play with the hockey puck. Even if they do, there had better be treats involved if I have to get cold!